How to choose a women’s hairstyle to match the face shape.

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Wearing a hairstyle that suits the face You have to look mainly at the outline of your face, such as whether your face is round or not. What is your face shape. Thin or thick hair. What are the hairstyles for people with thin hair. Or what will the hairstyle for a round face and thin hair look like. Are there any parts of the face that need to be cover up to look appropriate. And the outline of highlighting is appropriate for gender, for example, for men, the highlighting line must be more angular than women, etc. So what is our face like.

If your face is long  : Girls with long faces are another beautiful face shape. But if anyone is worrie that our face will look too long Hairstyles can help girls, that is, cutting bangs. Because the bangs will help hide the face. Makes the eyes look like the face is shorter. And I’m about shoulder length. Then roll it in and it will be even more beautiful. The hairstyles that should be avoide are short, stubby hairstyles or hair that is too long. Report by ufabet

If your face is heart-shape  : Girls with heart-shape faces will have a wide forehead and a rather point chin. Therefore, you should cut your bangs or bangs swept to the side to camouflage the width of your forehead. As for hair, whether short or long, girls with this face shape can cut it all. But it shouldn’t be very short. If it’s shoulder length and has loose curls. It will be very beautiful. and hairstyles that should be avoid Short hair above the chin Because the more you focus on making the face shape clearer

If your face is square  : We’ve come to the girl with a unique face. Who will say my face is not beautiful? Don’t care! It looks chic, but if girls aren’t confident, their hairstyle can help. Cutting bangs with side bangs or cutting bangs with layers. It will help make your face look even more chic. The hairstyle that should be avoided is a straight haircut or straight bangs because it will make the face look square.

If your face is oval  : the ideal face shape for many women. Girls with a face shape like this are extremely lucky. Because you can do many different hairstyles, no matter how short, long, or strange hairstyles are. Girls with oval-shaped faces can get the cut too. But there are a few things to be careful about. You shouldn’t cut your bangs in a thick, straight style. Because it will make our beautiful face look squarer.

If your face is round  : Girls with round faces She will have cheeks that are puffier than girls with other face shapes. Therefore, a haircut that makes the face look smaller or can cover the cheeks is a shoulder-length hairstyle. Gradient slide in front of cheeks This style is cut and born very much. And caution for girls with round faces is Avoid perming your hair with small, fluffy curls. Because it will make your face look swollen again. 

If your face is triangular  : Girls with triangular faces will have foreheads that are somewhat narrower than the rest. Therefore, the ideal hairstyle is to cut the hair on top to make it look more voluminous. Or you can cut off the bangs and cover them completely. Because most girls with this face shape come with a flat forehead. If you open your forehead, it won’t look beautifully raised at all.

If your face is diamond-shape  : The facial structure of diamond-shape faces is characterize by a slender, point chin, a narrow forehead, and more prominent cheekbones than the rest. Therefore, you should cut your hair that helps hide your cheekbones, such as short, cut hair, slicked hair that covers the cheeks, and side-swept hair. Hairstyles that should be avoid It will be a very long and straight hairstyle. Because it will make your face look responsive and beautiful.