“Young” said “Arsenal” celebrated like winning a championship

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Aston Villa wing-back Ashley Young says Arsenal are celebrating like winning trophies. After the invasion to win Villa Park last Saturday night.

In the Premier League last night, the “guns” beat Villa 1-0 from Bukayo Saka’s tone goal in the last 30 minutes, they were pressed, but in the end they survived to collect three points. important

This leaves Mikel Arteta’s side in fourth place in the table, four points clear of fifth-placed Manchester United and playing more than one game after the final whistle. In the top fou.

Aston Villa star Ashley Young insists his side are tough to beat, as evidenced by Arsenal players celebrating their victory as though “they won the league”.

The London club won the fixture 1-0 thanks to a Bukayo Saka goal to give their top-four hopes a big boost.

Young spoke about the Arsenal players celebrating their victory. “You have seen their celebration. To be honest, it’s like they won the league,

but it shows that they’re hard at work. We also want to grab the European area. We want to bring the club to that point. Everyone has ambitions to bring the club back there.” the ufabet report.

“So we want it to be a difficult place to visit. But of course we want to win this game as well,” he said

. Ruben Neves has previously spoken similarly. After Arsenal’s 1-0 win over Wolves last February