“Valverde” is angry that there is no way to move onto the mother ship

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Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde has insisted he is unlikely to move to Barcelona. ​The 23-year-old moved. From Penarol to the Bernabeu in 2016 and signed on.

The field has served the club so far, 134 games, 32 of which happened this season.

The Uruguay star has a chance to play in El Clasico. Where “White King” will open the home to the visit of “Barcelona”.

Speaking ahead of Sunday’s with Barcelona at Bernabeu, Valverde has said that “out of respect” for his current club, he would never consider turning out for their bitter rivals.

Valverde has confirmed that there is absolutely no way to move to a football club from the Catalan elite. With respect to the club.

“Out of respect for Real Madrid, and for the values they gave me at home, I wouldn’t play for Barcelona.

, “Real Madrid is a special team, they changed my life,” he told the ufabet.

. here It comes with heavy responsibility and pressure. But I enjoy it.”

“With all due respect to Real Madrid and the importance they place on me at home. I will definitely never play for Barcelona, ​​out of respect for the badge that has filled me, gave me life and love. including the importance they have given me at home.”