Tuchel urges ‘Chelsea’ not to flirt despite good form

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Thomas Tuchel said his team must not indulge in their recent good performances. Using the form of Manchester City and Liverpool as an example.

The Blues won 12 of their last 13 games with a 2-0 win over Middlesbrough to advance to the Football F semi-finals. A The Cup is the fifth season in the last six years, with

Chelsea currently 11 points behind the Premier League leaders but with one game left behind. Asked by reporters about the club’s hot performance at the

moment, despite speculation off the pitch, Tuchel replied to the ufabet.

“The problem is they [Man]. City and Liverpool] are in great form as well. They seem to have been hooked up for 3 years now. I feel that 3 years of them and our 13 games is not enough.

“We have to be honest and will never accept anything before it is judged. Will always push ourselves and push it to the limit.

“We can’t do anything else. But we should not indulge in 2 teams taking advantage of our problems. All credit must be given to them. They are worthy of their position. And we have to make sure we get as many points as possible.”