“Rafinha”, a top-level football player – believes he will be contended

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Gary Neville, famous football guru, has praised Rafinha as a top player. And it is believed there will be a lot of interest if Leeds United are relegated.

The 25-year-old has 15 goals and 12 assists in 59 appearances since joining from Rennes in 2020.

The Samba blood star is still the main force of “Yung Thong” this season, having scored 9 goals and assisted 3 more times from 27 games played by

Manchester United. Rafinha is interested, while reports suggest that Chelsea, Liverpool and Barcelona could move forward this summer,

Despite Leeds’ poor season and the departure of former manager Marcelo Bielsa recently,  the Brazilian has already matched his goals and assists tally from last season, scoring nine and providing the pass for three

Neville hailed Rafinha as a top player. Ready to admit that he is a player who does not want to face if he is still playing.

“He’s a top player. I think a lot of clubs would be interested if they (Leeds) were relegated,” he told ufabet Sports .

“I know he was dropped at the end of the (Marcelo) Bielsa era, people said he was inconsistent. But every time I watch him play I thought to myself He is definitely above the players on the bench.”

Leeds are currently 16th in the table with 29 points from 30 games, seven points from the danger zone.