Know before playing Baccarat rules cow cow

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First of all, let’s get to know the cow and cow baccarat game. What is it?

cow cow baccarat is

Cow Baccarat game It is similar to playing with normal baccarat. Whether it’s dealing cards. Drawing cards, which this game of Baccarat is a game that has not been opened for long And it’s also a fun game. Although each bet requires a highly accurate decision. Let’s see how to play this card game better.

How to play baccarat cow cow

  • Baccarat card game It consists of 52 cards, excluding Joker cards. Because during the betting, the Joker will not appear.
  • Then the dealer will distribute the cards to 2 sides, namely Player (Player) and Banker (Banker), 2 cards each side.
  • However, the 3rd card. Can be drawn just like any other Baccarat card.
  • Win/loss is determined if where there is more points than that side is the winner. In which the bettor can choose to place bets on both the player and the banker
  • By counting the points, there is an example as follows: Player gets cards 7+4+6 = 17 equals 7 points and Banker gets cards 7+6+9 = 22 equals 2 points.
  • from this example If stabbed on the player’s side The gambler places a bet and wins. get money bet But if betting on the banker’s side The bettor places a losing bet. lose bet
  • The specialties of baccarat cow cow at the pay rate Because it depends on the difference of points on the banker’s side and the player from that example. Player side has 7 points and Banker side has 2 points, the difference is 7-2 = 5.
  • If the bettor places a bet on the player’s side of 100 baht, they will receive 100 x 5 = 500 baht. ทางเข้า ufabet