Inter Milan opened the nest and beat Frosinone 2-0.

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Inter Milan returned to the top of Serie A after defeating Frosinone 2-0 on Sunday. Inter Milan, who were temporarily overtaken at the top by Juventus. Still have Marcus Thuram in search of the net and Lautaro Martinez. While Frosinone has Marvin Ciuni as their target.

The game started with Inter Milan taking control of the offensive game immediately. And there was a chance to inform in the 19th minute that Federico DiMarco launched the ball into the penalty area to Nicolo Varela. Who slammed it back for Lautaro Martinez to hit Stefano Turati. The visiting team’s goalkeeper had to be frightened and deflect it over the crossbar ทางเข้า UFABET 

At the end of the first half in the 42nd minute, Frosinone had a chance to win after Anthony Ayono slipped into the left side of the penalty area before locking a shot with his right. The ball ricocheted off Denzel Dumfries and bounced off the far post.

When they couldn’t do that.

It was Inter Milan who took the lead 1-0 from the amazing goal of Federico DiMarco who got the ball on the left sideline, less than ten yards from the center line of the field. Before seeing Stefano Turati coming far away, he immediately stole the chicken and shot far away. The ball soared over Turati’s head before diving under the crossbar and into the goal. 

2 minutes into the second half, Inter received a penalty due to the unique ability of Markus Thuram, who locked 2-3 times in the penalty area until he was plugged in. Hakan Chalanolu took charge and made no mistakes to make it 2-0.

In the 73rd minute, Frosinone had some chances. Ariyan Ibrahimovic, the young striker, had a chance to shoot with his left hand in the penalty area from a pass from Matias Sule, but the ball did not pass through Jann Sommer’s hands. ร 

Late in the game, Inter had good opportunities to score more goals from both Varela and Lautaro Martinez, but missed them. Resulting in the game ending with a 2-0 win over Frosinone, reclaiming top spot from Juventu Satisfaction