How to look at the characteristics of a good gamecock

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For choosing gamecocks for people who bet on chickens, you must choose a good gamecock . Which one will win, we will introduce in this article. By the characteristics of a good chicken. The car can be seen from 2 things. Look at the mouth and legs of the chicken. If any of them fit the elements that we will present, then prepare to receive wealth.

Characteristics of a good and good gamecock mouth

for the mouth of the chicken. The gamecock will have two important weapons, which are the mouth and the spur. The mouth of the chicken will help in pecking the opponent’s chicken. In which we have 5 types of mouth characteristics that indicate that the chicken has hidden good. And if you find a chicken like this, you’ll see that you have a chance to win. ทางเข้า ufabet

1 chicken with a mouth of a genus of raceways

by the word genus Rangnam means that it is a mouth with a large base. The color of the mouth should always be the same color, including the legs, nails, and spurs of the chicken. Its distinctive feature is that there is a canal along the length from. In the ditch in the breed of white-tailed yellow chicken

2 roosters with a dragon-shaped mouth

For Dragon Kap Kaew and the word Pak Kap Phet are the same, just use a different local name. It is similar to the mouth of the canal genus. The only difference is that the color of the mouth of the chicken is mixed with black. Or some red and white which will not be the same color as the mouth of the raceway A chicken with a dragon’s mouth is usually good at pecking an opponent. Makes the opponent injure easily. It’s called a good aggressive chicken.

3 chickens with a round mouth

Pakpat chickens are similar to the raceway genus. But the color of the mouth is not equal. There will be other colors mixed in. The difference is that there is no gutter at the side of the mouth. But if you find a chicken with a round mouth, the color is always the same in the mouth. The claws and spurs are of one color will indicate that the rooster is a good rooster and can attack the opponent tactically. Whoever gets this style of chicken. Is guaranteed to be comfortable.

4 chickens with parrot-like beaks

The parrot chicken differs from the above three beaks because the beak is short. But has strength The tip of the mouth. Was pointed and slightly bent. The base of the mouth is wide. Its distinctive feature is that it can peck at the opponent easily. However, there is a downside to not being able to peck for a long time due to the fact that the short mouth cannot open wide.

5 chickens with a big mouth

For this type of chicken has a larger mouth than general gamecocks. Besides being bigger, it’s also longer. Overall, it looks like a crow’s mouth. But the tip of the mouth will not bend down as much The distinguishing feature of this type of chicken is that it can peck at its fiercely because its large mouth can easily create scars for its competitors. make a high chance of winning.