Diogo Jota apologizes to Skipp in the tunnel.

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It has been revealed Diogo Jota has apologized to Oliver Skipp after the Liverpool striker threw a foot on his head. That left the Spurs midfielder bleeding.

The Reds striker was incredibly lucky not to get a red card. Because he played dangerously as he held his feet high as Skipp bowed his head to play football.

Tottenham viewed their unfairness after the players were fouled in the 81st minute. With Jota then scoring a stunning winner in injury time in a 4-3 victory.

But footage from Liverpool’s official YouTube channel shows Jota apologizing to Skipp in the Anfield tunnel immediately after the Premier League clash. Which left Skipp in stitches ever.

The Spurs star held his boots as he walked in the opposite direction of Jota. Before the latter reached for Skipp’s hand in a sign of apology UFABET

Trent Alexander-Arnold Jota’s Reds team-mate, who was walking nearby. He then reached over and slapped Skipp’s arm. As Diogo Jota said it was ‘not intended’ for the high footing and said ‘sorry’.

After a brief hug The two of them went their separate ways.

While Skipp appeared to have accepted Jota’s apology. Spurs interim boss Ryan Mason was furious with the referee for not handing Jota a red card.

Spurs bounced back from 3-0 down with a stoppage-time equalizer from Richarlison. But 99 seconds later Jota came back to give Liverpool a 4-3 win.