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Unexpected! Robinson sits on Sam’s right hand at Leeds United.

Karl Robinson is set to join Sam Allardyce as assistant manager at Leeds United. Leeds are set to appoint Allardyce less than three months after the appointment of Javi Gracia. As Jesse Marsh’s replacement as the football club’s status was at risk of relegation. Reports

West Ham interested in signing Watford forward Dennis

West Ham United have been link with a bid for Watford forward Emmanuel Dennis. Teams that have just been relegated from the Premier League this season. The 24-year-old shooting star has been a key force in the team in the past year. This is his first year with the

“Lampard” is satisfied with the team to show commitment.

Everton boss Frank Lampard is pleased with his players showing. Determination after their 1-1 draw with Leicester City . Just survived the always hit. “Blue Foxes” injury time allowed them to score important points at 1-1, still in 17th place, but had four points clear of the

Types of online casinos that bettors should not miss

Online casino It is considered a hot online gambling at the moment. It must be said that online casinos are gambling websites. To choose from. along with many promotions that will make you enjoy enjoy playing But today we will take you all to know the types of casinos. The more

Delve into the technique of shooting fish like a master

Delve into the technique of shooting fish like a master. Profitable formula in fish shooting games. It really works. Fish shooting game that outside may look like there is a way to play that is very easy, not difficult, but do you know that It turns out

online football betting The number one popular sport for Thai investment

Online football betting Football betting is considered. The most popular sport that is used the most. Can join in the fun of investing in all leagues. Whether it’s the Thai league, European league cup football. important football events. It’s the number one choice for investment to win profits.

How to look at the characteristics of a good gamecock

For choosing gamecocks for people who bet on chickens, you must choose a good gamecock . Which one will win, we will introduce in this article. By the characteristics of a good chicken. The car can be seen from 2 things. Look at the mouth and legs of

How to see the cards, baccarat, ping-pong, which cards are issued often

Recently, a casino card game that is hot and should not be missed is Baccarat, which is the key to playing this card. The bettor must first understand what the baccarat, ping-pong card. Layout that is often released. Whether it is a dragon card, baccarat, ping-pong card. double card

Why are people so popular to play baccarat cow cow?

It is already known that the famous casino game is baccarat , which today we will introduce what cow cow baccarat is and how to play If the bet wins will receive a high rate of return. If compared to general baccarat betting that pays at 1 times It is

Know before playing Baccarat rules cow cow

First of all, let’s get to know the cow and cow baccarat game. What is it? cow cow baccarat is Cow Baccarat game It is similar to playing with normal baccarat. Whether it’s dealing cards. Drawing cards, which this game of Baccarat is a game that has