Sleep well good memory Good and adequate sleep Helps improve memory

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Sleep well good memory Good and adequate sleep Helps improve memory

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System needs space to store information. Which sleeping is another way that can free up space in the brain Makes the memory system better and has the quality as it should be.

Good sleep affects good memory. Because when we are tired and exhauste. It is difficult for us to concentrate and concentrate on anything. Brain mechanisms for remembering Must rely on concentration and focused intention to develop memory Therefore, we must first understand the causes that make us tired.

Tired from not getting enough rest

Insomnia, shallow sleep or waking up all night long สมัคร ufabet When such symptoms occur continuously. Accumulated lethargy May cause the body to be tired. which affects the brain’s memory system

Many people choose to drink beverages containing caffeine, tea, coffee, and energy drinks. To help reduce sleepiness Drinking these drinks may make the body more alert. And the sleepiness disappeared for only a moment. So you can only slow down your sleepiness. and exhausted This may cause the body to tired. And fatigue can increase more than before.

If you want to remember well, clear up space in your brain to wait.

The time when we learn new information each day. That information is temporarily stored in a part of the brain called the hippocampus, located behind the eyes. Which is an important part in creating long-term memories This part of the brain has limited storage capacity. If you use it a lot There’s a lot to think about. It may result in full memory space. and difficult to store new information

But the body is smart enough to have a system for managing information in the brain. Each night, while we sleep, The brain will delete some unnecessary memories, such as what we ate this morning last week or what color clothes we wore last weekend, etc., in order to keep the memory box free. to receive new information the next day

Sleep to preserve memories

Sleep helps us consolidate the memories we want to keep. By transferring from short-term memory to store in long-term memory. That can call back for use Even though many years have passed such as factual information and skills in doing things. Which this memory storage system It works well during deep sleep. That means that if we don’t get enough sleep or are sleep-deprived. It may reduce our ability to retain long-term memory.

Memory connections while we dream

In fact, dreams occur in many different ways. period of sleep But dreams that make you feel real and cause interest It often occurs when our eyes move rapidly during REM sleep and affects the body. Causing a state of stagnation like paralysis for a moment. While in deep sleep (REM), our brain creates connections between new memories. Memories that happened before and old memories in the archives This may cause many people to wake up and find a new perspective. or discover new ways to solve problems

Sleep well and feel good when you wake up.

Have you ever, on a bad day, felt sad and disappointed about something? When you have rested and slept The next morning he felt better. Or at least feel more relaxed. This is because sleep reduces emotions associated with painful memories. while still maintaining that memory So we can still remember what disappointed us. But the emotions The regret in that matter has decreased.

Promoting good memory requires good sleep and adequate sleep.

good sleep Not only did you sleep But you should sleep with good quality and enough. You should adjust your sleep cycle to balanc. Adjust your mattress to suit the lighting and noise levels. Reduce activities before bed that make it difficult to fall asleep. like watching TV Playing with cell phones, computers, eating large, heavy meals before bed, and exercising vigorously. If you can reduce and change these behaviors, It will help you fall asleep easily. and make sleep more quality This will help promote the brain’s memory system to work better in another way.