Benefits of mineral salt The best nutrients that are necessary for the body.

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Salt is consider an important ingredient in cooking. Whether it is use to add a salty taste to food menus as well as use in fermentation For food preservation Therefore, it is an essential item in the kitchen that cannot be miss. But did you know that In addition to its salty taste, salt also provides countless benefits to the body. It can also be use in various ways in daily life.

Mineral salts have an outstanding role. It serves as a supplement, control, and catalyst for the operation of chemical reactions within cells, such as mineral salts, calcium, and phosphorus, which are substances that the body needs to use to build bones and teeth. Therefore, some mineral salts will cause a balance of acidity and alkalinity within the body. And some of them are related to blood cell formation. Some of them are important for the human body to use in hormone synthesis.

At this point Many people already know that Salt is good for cooking and preserving food. But did you know that Salt also has many unexpected uses. which can be useful in our daily life such as

Preserve fruits and reduce bitterness of vegetables: Salt helps preserve meat for a long time. But did you know that Can also preserve fruit. Just dissolve salt in water, then soak the cut fruit in the salt water. This way, the flesh of the cut fruit will not turn black. Beautiful color like new No need to waste money buying food preservation boxes. Salt is also use to reduce the bitterness of various vegetables. Just mix salt with the vegetables you want to eat. Then wash it with clean water. It will help reduce the bitterness of the vegetables to a certain extent. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

Get rid of stains and prevent color from bleeding on clothes: If clothes have stubborn stains No need to buy stain remover powder. Because you can use salt instead. Use salt to scrub the area with stains on the shirt, then rinse it off with water. It will help remove stains. Additionally, if you want to prevent discoloration of the shirt, when washing the shirt, mix salt with water to wash the clothes, then put the clothes in the wash as usual. It will help reduce the problem of clothes fading.

For anyone who has found mold growing on their clothes. Just squeeze lemon onto the affected area, scrub it with salt, then let it dry in the sun and wash the clothing one more time, and that’s it, the fungus will die. The problem of mold stains on clothes is gone.

Helps eliminate unwanted odors: If anyone has an unwanted smell Can use saline solution. If you have smelly feet Dissolve the salt in warm water, then soak your feet in the salt water for a while. Besides the smell of feet will disappear. The skin around the feet will also be softer. If you have bad breath Just use salt instead of toothpaste or mix salt with soda. You can also use it as a mouth deodorizer.

For those who have problems with the smell of sewer pipes Especially the waste water pipe from the bottom of the plate. that often have food scraps and oil stains stuck Mix salt with hot water, then pour the water into the pipe. salt and heat of water I will go to cleanse. Keep the sewer clean. No more problems with unwanted odors floating up from the sink.

Maintains the freshness of flowers and eliminates weeds: Many people want to decorate their rooms with real flowers. But I don’t know how to maintain the brightness of the flowers. Did you know that You can use salt to cure it. Just add salt to a flower vase. This can make the flowers stay fresh for longer. As for those who plant trees But encountered a problem with weeds growing. Sprinkle salt all over the area where the weeds are, then water it in. This will help get rid of the weeds.

Use to remove burnt stains on pans and irons: Burnt stains are firmly embedd in the pan. I believe that this is a problem in every home. Which if you want to get rid of burnt stains To keep the pan still like new, you can do this by pouring salt into the pan, then stir the salt all over. That’s it, any burnt stains on the pan will disappear easily.

Eating is good for your health: In addition to making food taste salty It’s already been like by many people. When eating salt will make you healthy Because of the mineral iodine in salt Will stimulate the system to burn energy in the body. Work better. It also helps control balance in the body. By maintaining insulin levels in the blood vessels Reduces the risk of developing diabetes. However, You should eat just enough. Because if you eat in quantity May increase the risk of kidney failure.